Hydroponically grown fodder is an extremely cost-effective feed supplement for cattle. With hay, grain, corn and soybean prices reaching record highs, cattlemen need a better feed option. FodderPro Feed Systems allow cattle operations to produce healthy, fresh livestock feed with complete control over protein and essential nutrients levels. This lends to total control over meat or milk production and operational costs.

Fodder Benefits

Fodder grown in a FodderPro Feed System mimics the benefits of fresh pasture and is a more appropriate feed option for grazing animals. Ruminants are able to digest fodder sprouts easier and more resourcefully than grain, improving feed efficiency, milk and meat production.

Feeding fodder will also provide these advantages to cattle:

  • Reduced somatic cell count
  • Reduced occurrence of acidosis and mastitis
  • Lowered pH in rumen
  • Increased digestibility
  • Earlier breeding and higher conception rates
  • Faster weight gain and easier weaning
  • Increased longevity in dairy cows
  • Higher milk production and butterfat content
  • Improved hoof health

Types of Feed

Legumes such as alfalfa or clover are a great supplemental cattle feed. They are packed with amino acids that improve gut function and promote earlier breeding.

Alfalfa Clover

Naturally high in fiber, these sprouts are an excellent feed for ruminants. Grains such as barley have 95% of the energy of corn-based feeds. They are also lower in starch and have a low acid content, reducing the occurrence of acidosis. Feeding sprouted grain fodder will result in higher milk yields and better quality beef.

Barley Oats Triticale Red Wheat

To achieve a more balanced ration from fodder, it is recommended to use a seed blend. Adding sprouts that are high in fat, like sunflower, canola or soy, will result in higher fertility rates, increased conception rates and longevity in dairy cattle.

Canola Cottonseed Safflower Sunflower Soybeans Field Peas

Customer Feed Recommendations*

Customer: John, New York - Organic dairy - Holsteins
Ration: 14 lbs. to 18 lbs. barley fodder 7 lbs. to 9 lbs. hay Free-choice mineral lick

"When grain seed is sprouted, the starches turn into sugars which are more easily digested. Fodder also eliminates the need for many supplements because they are occurring naturally through the digestion of fodder's amino acids."

Grow it Anywhere

The FodderPro Feed System comes complete with everything you need to start growing fresh, healthy cattle feed today. The next consideration is where the system will be housed. With a few environmental modifications, fodder can be grown anywhere. Our affiliate company, FarmTek, can outfit any space with everything you need to make the environment suitable for growing fodder hydroponically. From a barn or outbuilding to a garage or basement, no matter where there is space to grow, FarmTek can design the environmental controls necessary to make it work for your operation. Our expert fodder specialists will work with you to find the right products to suit your needs and budget.

  • Grow fodder in a fabric structure
    Fabric Structure
  • Grow fodder in a greenhouse
  • Grow fodder in a basement
  • Grow fodder in a garage

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