Full-Size Compact System Cost Analysis

With a FodderPro Feed System, you will save money and provide your animals with the freshest, healthiest, high-performance feed available. Fodder is an extremely cost-effective source of livestock feed and producing it will result in significant feed cost savings. To calculate the savings of growing fodder for your farm, use the figures on this chart to compare the costs of growing fodder with a Full-Size Compact FodderPro 2.0 Feed System to your current feed costs. For more information or an analysis based on your specific application, please contact one of our fodder specialists.

Input Costs Per Pound of Fodder Produced
Cost of Seed $0.016
Cost of Water $0.001
Cost of Electricity $0.006
Cost of Propane $0.014
Cost of Labor $0.026
TOTAL COST PER LB. $0.063 per lb.

Cost to Purchase Inputs*
System $4,695.00 lbs. daily output
Seed $245.29** per metric ton
Water $2.00 per 1,000 gallon
Electricity $0.1135 per kWh
Propane Gas $2.41 per gallon
Labor $10.00 per hour

Usage Rates*
Average Monthly Seed Usage 1,080 lbs. @ $0.111/lb. $120.42
Average Monthly Water Usage 2,940 gallons @ $0.002/gallon $5.88
Average Monthly Electricity Usage 391.860 kWh @ $0.1135/kWh $44.48
Average Daily Propane Usage (365 day average) 1.417 gallons @ $2.41/gallon $3.42
Average Daily Labor Required 0.666 hours @ $10.00/hour $6.66

Statistics Bank
Fodder Production 250 lbs./day
Trays Harvested per Day 4
Feed to Seed Ratio 7:1
Pounds/Tray per Day 62.5 lbs.
Average Gallons/Tray per Day 3.5 gallons
Average Labor/Tray per Day 10 minutes
Maximum Growing Temperature 75°F
Minimum Growing Temperature 60°F
Outdoor Design Temperature 15°F
Average Heating Days 56.13 days/year
Average Cooling Days 182.92 days/year

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