Holy Mountain Farm

Hydroponic fodder is a healthy and nutritious feed option for goats

  • Challenge - High costs of organic livestock feed
  • Solution - FodderPro 2.0 Feed System
  • Application - Feeding livestock for meat and dairy production
  • Location - Redbush, KY

At Holy Mountain Farm in Redbush, KY, the Bruno family raises Katahdin sheep, Alpine dairy goats, Jersey milk cows and Heritage breeds of turkeys, chickens, ducks and geese. Their goal is "to raise livestock organically to help feed others the way that God intended." The Bruno family raises their animals humanely and lovingly, and one of the main components of this is making sure they have a healthy, complete feed ration.

The Brunos realized that the diet they were feeding their animals was very expensive and something had to change. They say, "We were feeding our animals with certified organic grain which was very costly. We do not have a lot of pasture here, but use all that we have to feed our animals." The Brunos discovered the FodderPro 2.0 Feed System in the FarmTek catalog, which they had been receiving for a while. They continue, "We thought that the FodderPro 2.0 Feed System would help us out during the winter months when the pasture is lacking for the animals."

The system is working out quite well for Holy Mountain Farm. "It provides enough fresh fodder to supplement our goats, sheep, chickens and dairy cows at the same time. It is very cost effective by making the organic grains last a lot longer," says the Bruno Family. They have seen a real improvement in the health and wellbeing of their livestock as well. "The fodder is very healthy for the animals and their production has gone up. The poultry are a lot healthier and the milking animals' production has really increased."

The Brunos are happy, not only that their system is easy to use and economical, but that their animals seem so happy with fodder as part of their diet. "We have been able to make our grain stretch for quite a while longer, which means we are spending money less often. Also, we feel that with fodder, the animals are getting the extra nutrition they need." They continue, "They all seem so content on the fodder diet. This system has been a blessing and the animals love it!"

Keywords : Organic livestock feed Increased milk production

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