Why Fodder

With hay and grain prices reaching record highs and unpredictable weather patterns damaging pasture lands, farmers and ranchers across the country are in need of a dependable and affordable feed for their livestock. FodderPro Feed Systems allow you to take control of your livestock feed regimen and bring your whole farm one step closer to sustainability. Feeding hydroponic fodder will not only benefit your livestock, but almost every aspect of your farm.

Benefits to Livestock

Fodder is a more natural feed and is comparable to the forages the digestive systems of livestock and horses were designed to process. Due to its increased digestibility and the availability of nutrients, there is a wide range of benefits to feeding fodder over grains and concentrates. Not only will your animals be healthier and have a better quality of life, they will also be more productive and profitable. Benefits to all animals include:

  • Faster weaning and less stress on mothers and youngstock
  • Less manure due to increased digestibility of fodder
  • Boosted immune system
  • Increased longevity and lifespan
  • Earlier heat cycles
  • Improved fertility
  • Stimulated appetite during heat stress
  • Better behavior and temperament

The benefits your livestock will receive from eating fodder don't stop there. Each species has its own unique benefits on top of the overall health benefits listed above. Mouse over each image below for details on how feeding fodder will benefit the livestock on your farm.

  • Alpaca
  • Cattle
  • Horses
  • Goats
  • Poultry
  • Pigs
  • Sheep

Benefits for You

Adding fodder to the feed regimen of your livestock will result in direct benefits to your farm. Growing fodder hydroponically is more efficient than any other means of producing feed for livestock. By feeding fodder, you will greatly reduce the amount of resources needed to maintain your animals and your farm.

  • Benefits of growing fodder for your livestock
    For You
    • Minimal labor
    • High yield in a small area
    • Control over feed quality
    • Less manure to handle
  • Benefits of growing fodder for your farm
    For Your Farm
    • Lower operating costs
    • Less feed waste
    • Reduced feed storage costs
    • Minimized veterinary costs
  • Benefits of growing fodder for the environment
    For The Environment
    • No fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides
    • Lower water consumption
    • Reduced impact of transporting feed
    • Greater self sustainability

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