Lighting Requirement Questions

Have questions about the lighting requirements for growing fodder? By perusing through the information provided in this section, you will learn about what lights, if any, you will need for successful fodder production.

1) Will I need grow lights?

Lighting should be provided for at least 6 hours per day. This will stimulate photosynthesis and produce a fodder mat that is thick and lush. If natural light is available, grow lights are not required.

2) What type of grow lights do you recommend?

A full spectrum grow light with a color temperature of 6,500 K is going to give you the best results as it is the closest to natural sunlight. We can provide everything you need, whether it is just the bulbs or an entire lighting system.

3) How should I set up my lighting?

The lighting should be directed towards all of the tiers. The lighting needs to be distributed evenly for best results. The layout of the building you are growing in and what the building is actually made of are key considerations.

4) How many hours of light are needed per day?

It is recommended that you provide at least 6 hours of light per day. That is enough to stimulate photosynthesis and produce a fodder mat that is thick and lush.

5) Can the lights be kept on day and night or will the sprouts get spindly?

Lights can be left on 24/7, but it is not required. Sprouts should not get spindly. We found that spindly fodder was produced when there was no light at all. We did a trial with no light and the fodder was very sparse and extremely yellow. More light equals better fodder.

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