Customer Testimonials

Pastured Life Farm

With the limited availability of non-GMO verified feed, the high prices for quality and the difficulty of producing consistent forage throughout the winter, David and Ginger Shields of Pastured Life Farm knew it was time to start looking for a better feed option.
Dairy Cattle, Pigs, Chickens | North Central, FL | Organic feed Reduced feed costs
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Green Warrior Farms

Green Warrior Farms is looking to establish itself as a corporation that provides opportunity. Their objective is, "to provide injured veterans with an opportunity to own their own fodder production business, which will help make America more self sufficient and less dependent on foreign food." Production Manager Matt Van Vlack explains, "the original purpose of establishing our fodder operation was to produce health benefits for local livestock." However, Green Warrior Farms did not stop there. Van Vlack elaborates, "essentially what we are offering is an opportunity for our veterans to grow feed on contract for local farmers, which will help to reduce the overall carbon footprint of feed distribution."
Local Feed Production | Lansdale, PA | Local fresh feed Fodder production business
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White River Lamb Company

When Joe and Ellen Nieslanik decided to relocate from northwestern Colorado in August of 2012, they purchased a 155-acre farm in Scio, Oregon and started White River Lamb Company. As they discovered the carrying capacity of their newly-purchased land, they realized they were overstocked and needed to purchase alfalfa hay when winter arrived. At $300 per ton for quality hay for their herd, the Nieslaniks soon realized they would have to come up with a solution to this costly problem. "We knew we had to find an alternative," Ellen says, "so we began investigating the fodder system."
Sheep | Scio, OR | Fodder for lambs Reduced hay costs
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Lensmire Family Farm

Lensmire Family Farm, owned and operated by Tom and Jane Lensmire, is home to about 80 Holstein, Jersey and Swiss dairy cows. Located in Cleveland, WI, the farm has been in the family for 23 years and spans 80 acres of land. The Lensmires began rotational grazing about 13 years ago and still use this practice today, in addition to purchased feed. However, an interest in hydroponics led them to FarmTek's FodderPro 2.0 Feed Systems after reading about hydroponic fodder in the company's catalog.
Dairy Cattle | Cleveland, WI | Fodder for dairy cattle Improved milk production
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Mary and Wayne Hurley

Mary Hurley lives on the farm she grew up on with her husband, Wayne. She is the third generation to live on the farm, and moved back to help her dad and brother. Mary and Wayne recently bought their first milk cow and soon realized that feed costs were rising out of control.
Dairy Cattle | Chadron, NE | Fodder for dairy cattle Lack of pasture Organic feed
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Country View Equestrian Center

Country View Equestrian Center is currently home to 55 horses and sits on a 14-acre property in Wisconsin. The facility is comprised of a 43-stall barn, an outdoor arena and an indoor arena. Owners Brandi Widmer and Crimson Pulver offer boarding, training and lessons. Widmer explains, "Because we have a small acreage, we have limited storage for feed. Finding and storing hay has been a steady problem since we opened ten years ago."
Horses | Monroe, WI | Fodder for horses Reduced hay costs
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Damasa Organics Farm

Edd Goerger, the owner and operator of Damasa Organics Farm, believes we should really consider where our food is coming from before we eat it. This is the reason he raises his cattle, chickens and pigs on pasture. He then markets his chicken, eggs, pork and beef to customers within a fifty-mile radius. Raising livestock on pasture can be hit or miss, especially when droughts like the one we have been experiencing occur.
Beef Cattle | Wyndmere, ND | Fodder for beef cows Organic feed
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Pereira Pastures Dairy

Like many farmers across the nation, Albert Pereira of Pereira Pastures Dairy knows what it's like to deal with drought and dwindling pastureland for his dairy herd. As the only "Licensed Raw for Retail" dairy farm in West Texas, Pereira raises Jersey cows, which are known for their high-protein and high-quality milk yield. However, when drought conditions were destroying Pereira's grazing pastures, he knew it was time to start looking for new feed solutions.
Dairy Cattle | Abernathy, TX | Fodder for dairy cows Increased milk production
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Samuel Hershberger

Samuel Hershberger raises and trains Standardbred horses on his farm in Holton, Michigan. As a member of an Amish community, his horses are an integral part of transportation and farm labor for his family and neighbors. In order to keep his horses in good condition, they require a nutritious diet that supports their heavy workload. To meet the needs of his horses, he was feeding large amounts of grain supplemented with vitamins, minerals and alfalfa hay.
Horses | Holton, MI | Fodder for horses Fresh forage year round
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Two Branch Ranch

Mark and Sue Schalk started Two Branch Ranch when they were looking to return to the farm life. Sue explains, "We started small with three alpacas, one English Angora rabbit and a handful of chickens." Today, the farm is home to quite a few more animals. "We've focused mainly on the alpacas and over the past few years have grown to a herd of twenty-one animals with five pregnant females due this spring." Sue spends her time on the farm hand-spinning, weaving and processing the alpaca fiber to create finished goods which the couple sells at their local farmers' market, fiber fairs and online.
Alpaca | Saline, MI | Fodder for alpaca Grow it anywhere
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Hanscome Dairy

At Hanscome Dairy in Kersey, CO, there are quite a few different types of animals, with many different purposes in life. Owner Julie Hanscome has a dairy herd, Boer goat herd, chickens and rabbits. Her goats were eating weeds, dry land grass and poor-to-average quality alfalfa. Hanscome explains, "I decided to purchase a FodderPro Feed System last summer when our drought conditions were making it difficult to find adequate inventories of goat hay to sustain the herd throughout the winter."
Goats | Kersey, CO | Fodder for goats Drought-proof feed
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Holy Mountain Farm

At Holy Mountain Farm in Redbush, KY, the Bruno family raises Katahdin sheep, Alpine dairy goats, Jersey milk cows and Heritage breeds of turkeys, chickens, ducks and geese. Their goal is "to raise livestock organically to help feed others the way that God intended." The Bruno family raises their animals humanely and lovingly, and one of the main components of this is making sure they have a healthy, complete feed ration.
Goats, Cattle, Sheep, Poultry | Redbush, KY | Organic livestock feed Increased milk production
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