Dare to Compare: FodderPro Feed Systems to Pasture

These systems are a great solution to those that live in a region where alternative feed is either unavailable or too expensive. Even if you have pastures for grazing, FodderPro Feed Systems can help to sustain these pastures over longer periods of time and offer superior nutritional value to your livestock. Hydroponic fodder is 80% to 90% moisture and 75% to 80% digestible, and most of what is absorbed are vitamins, minerals, enzymes, glucose and water.

The chart below shows the benefits of the FodderPro Feed Systems and these estimates are based off of the availability of pastures for 365 days a year.

FodderPro Feed Systems
Hydroponic Fodder vs. Pasture
FodderPro Feed SystemSystem FootprintSystem HeightFodder Produced per YearPasture Equivalent
Micro System 29.00 Sq. Ft.60" 11.0 Tons 9.04 Acres
Wall-Mount System27.48 Sq. Ft.91"22.8 Tons 18.74 Acres
Standard Mini System 55.50 Sq. Ft.81"22.8 Tons 18.74 Acres
Expanded Mini System

74.00 Sq. Ft.

81"33.7 Tons 27.70 Acres
Full-Size Standard System 55.50 Sq. Ft.128"45.6 Tons 37.48 Acres
Full-Size Compact System 55.50 Sq. Ft.91"45.6 Tons 37.48 Acres
Full-Size Expanded System 74.00 Sq. Ft.128"50.2 Tons 41.27 Acres
750 Module 117.90 Sq. Ft.87"136.9 Tons 112.54 Acres
1150 Module 175.00 Sq. Ft.87" 210.0 Tons 172.63 Acres

Grow it Anywhere

No matter where you have space to grow fodder, we can outfit your space with all of the environmental controls necessary for your system to produce highly nutritious fodder sprouts for your livestock. Fodder can be grown anywhere, from barns and garages to greenhouses or outbuildings, as long as temperature and humidity can be controlled.

  • Grow fodder in a fabric structure
    Fabric Structure
  • Grow fodder in a greenhouse
  • Grow fodder in a basement
  • Grow fodder in a garage

Let us help you choose the right system for your needs!