Cost Analysis

Growing fodder for your farm will result in significant feed cost savings. Depending on the system you purchase, you can recoup the cost of purchasing a system within one or two years. Purchasing a FodderPro Feed System will give you control over feed costs and bring your farm one step closer to sustainability. To find out why a FodderPro Feed System is a smart investment for the future of your farm, view the charts below for an in-depth cost analysis on each of our systems.

Full-Size Fodder Systems

  • Full-Size Standard System
    Full-Size Standard System Chart
  • Full-Size Compact System
    Full-Size Compact System Chart
  • Full-Size Expanded System
    Full-Size Expanded System Chart

Micro Fodder Systems

  • Micro Fodder System
    Micro System Chart

Mini Fodder Systems

  • Standard Mini System
    Standard Mini System Chart
  • Expanded Mini System
    Expanded Mini System Chart

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