Fodder Video Gallery

Welcome to the Fodder Video Gallery on FodderPro Feed Systems. Available below is a collection of informational and instructional videos that provide a closer look at fodder. Included is a complete tutorial about growing fodder from our greenhouse manager, Sam Shroyer, as well as educational webinars about our FodderPro Feed Systems. To view these videos, simply click the red play button on the middle of each thumbnail, or click the title of the video to view it in a new window.

  • This video walks you through our Commercial Feed Systems and fodder growing process with details on the solutions we provide. Take a look inside our new fodder building at FarmTek's Dyersville, IA campus. The building was set up as a showcase of our FodderPro 3.0 Commercial Feed Systems and accessories, PermaTherm Insulated Metal Buildings and environmental controllers.

  • Take control of your livestock feed costs and grow your own healthy, fresh, hydroponic fodder year round with a FodderPro Feed System from FarmTek. Our hydroponic feed system is designed to rapidly produce highly nutritious fodder at a low cost, in a compact growing area and with minimal labor. Feeding sprouts grown in a FodderPro Feed System will improve the health and general performance of your livestock and reduce your feed costs by over 50%.

  • Abigail, our fodder specialist takes you on the road with FarmTek as she details the great benefits of having our mobile CEA trailer visit your location. If you are interested in booking a training sessions, call 1.800.201.3414.

  • Sam gives some hints on how to get the most out of your fodder harvest for your livestock. From simply dropping the fodder in feed buckets to using a TMR, he covers many ways to feed. Sam also talks about the difference in nutrition between fodder and baled hay.

  • In this video, Sam covers what you may see in your trays during the photosynthesis of fodder. Don't be alarmed by the dew on your fodder, he says. This is just the completion of the process.

  • Brittany is here to explain how to harvest fodder and juice it for great nutritional shots. Then, Martina describes the benefits of wheatgrass juice for your health.

  • Sam, our greenhouse expert, details the three important factors for growing fodder. He discusses temperature control, sanitation and pH. Sam starts by showing how to soak and spread seeds and finishes by showing how the fodder looks each day of the growing cycle.

  • Sam, our greenhouse manager, is back to explain the benefits of our FodderPro Feed System and how it works. He discusses the different system sizes we have available and the time it takes to grow fodder. From the design of the system to feeding suggestions for horses and livestock, Sam covers it all.

  • In this video, Sam teaches commercial farmers how to add fodder to their TMR mixer to feed livestock like beef and dairy cattle. From adding the fodder to the mixer to feeding the cows, Sam covers everything you need to know.

  • Great water flow is key to successful fodder growing. We have some tips and tricks to help improve the water flow in your fodder system. Watch the video to learn more.

  • Join FarmTek for a 30-minute webinar to learn about the FodderPro Feed System, which allows you to produce affordable, hydroponically grown fodder. Abigail Tobey, our Fodder Specialist, will explain how this system can save your operation energy and feed costs, how it can supply your livestock with highly palatable and nutritious fodder and provide tips on how to best incorporate this system into your business.

  • Eric Stanton, a hobby farmer from Millville, Iowa, shares his success using fodder from the FodderPro Feed System to feed his chickens. Get highly nutritious feed from seed and reduce forage costs by 50% or more!

Start saving over 50% of your livestock feed costs now!