Oat is a cereal grain that is one of the most important sources of livestock and animal feed in the world. It is commonly fed to horses and ruminants due to its excellent nutritional qualities that aid with maintaining optimal rumen and hindgut function. Hydroponically grown oat fodder is high in fiber and low in starch, making it an easily digestible feed. Oat is also rich in nutrients and essential minerals and is one of the richest sources of protein compared to other feedstuffs.

Feeding sprouted oat fodder is good for digestion and has many other benefits, including:

  • Low in starch
  • Good for rumen fermentation
  • Rich source of protein
  • High in fiber and essential minerals

Oats are an excellent choice for sprouting fodder, but if whole oats are not available, we recommend these seeds as an alternative:

  • Triticale

Did you know?

In order to provide a more balanced ration, oat is typically blended with small grains.
Oats are processed in a number of different ways for human and livestock consumption. For the purpose of growing fodder, whole oats are the way to go. Rolled oats, flaked oats or quick oats may be good for making a bowl of oatmeal, but they won't produce fodder.
Oat belongs to the Poaceae family, which is the most economically important plant family in the world. This family of true grasses is produced for everything from forages and building materials to food and fuel. The scientific classification for oat is Avena Sativa.

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