Barley is a cereal grain that is commonly used in the finishing rations of cattle in the United States and Canada. These sprouts are high in protein and fiber, and are naturally balanced in protein, fat and energy. Compared to corn, barley fodder has 95% of the energy and higher digestibility. Barley fodder is one of the most nutritious sprouts and is full of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Feeding barley fodder will improve the overall health and wellbeing of your animals.

Feeding barley fodder offers these benefits to livestock:

  • Reduced occurrence of digestive diseases, such as colic and bloat
  • Stimulated immune system
  • Naturally balanced with essential nutrients
  • High in fiber, energy and protein
  • Rich in enzymes
  • Low acid content
  • Highly digestible

Barley is not the only cereal grain that is suitable for sprouting fodder for livestock feed. If barley is unavailable, we recommend these substitutes:

  • Triticale
  • Wheat

Did you know?

Like oats, there are several different ways in which barley is processed. Rolled barley is flattened and cut to reduce the size of the whole grains and increase its surface area, essentially killing the seed. Fodder will not grow from rolled barley.
Barley is grown in more than 100 countries and overall global production is more than 150 million tons. Germany is the top barley producer worldwide and it is primarily used for livestock feed, beer making and human consumption.
In our seed trials, we used six-row barley. This is because two-row barley is not well suited for animal feed due to its lower protein content.

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