FodderPro Feed Systems allow alpaca owners to gain control of their feeding program by growing fresh, hydroponically grown fodder for their herd. By supplementing with fodder, alpaca farmers are able to provide their animals with high-quality feed and reduce the need for additional forages. Fodder is highly digestible and packed with essential nutrients, which will provide farms with healthier livestock, decreased costs and higher feed efficiencies.

Fodder Benefits

Feeding fodder to alpaca will have a dramatic effect on their health and performance. Alpaca will be healthier, happier and produce better quality fleece when fresh, green fodder is added to their daily diet. The digestibility of fodder is key for alpaca as their diets need to be well controlled.

Alpaca respond very well to adding fresh fodder to their diet. Some of these benefits include:

  • Better temperament and easier handling
  • Improved fiber quality
  • Stimulated appetite during times of extreme heat
  • Increased energy level
  • Boosted immune system

Types of Feed

These sprouts are high in protein and energy. They are also high in calcium and minerals. Legumes should be blended for the most complete ration for alpacas.

Alfalfa Clover

These sprouts are high in fiber and low in fat. Grasses such as bermuda, millet and orchard are an excellent choice for producing healthful alpaca feed. Grasses are also packed with essential nutrients making them an ideal choice for balanced nutrition.

Bermuda Millet Orchard

Customer Feed Recommendations*

Customer: Mark and Sue Schalk, Michigan - Two Branch Ranch
Ration: Barley fodder Grass hay Free-choice mineral lick

"We are happy with the harvest we get and that it doesn't take much time to maintain. The animals are very pleased, too. Their fiber appears very healthy—it is thick, long and has a nice shine to it. The alpaca are very healthy, energetic and they love the barley grass."
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Grow it Anywhere

The FodderPro Feed System comes complete with everything you need to start growing fresh, healthy alpaca feed today. The next consideration is where the system will be housed. With a few environmental modifications, fodder can be grown anywhere. Our affiliate company, FarmTek, can outfit any space with everything you need to make the environment suitable for growing fodder hydroponically. From a barn or outbuilding to a garage or basement, no matter where there is space to grow, FarmTek can design the environmental controls necessary to make it work for your operation. Our expert fodder specialists will work with you to find the right products to suit your needs and budget.

  • Grow fodder in a fabric structure
    Fabric Structure
  • Grow fodder in a greenhouse
  • Grow fodder in a basement
  • Grow fodder in a garage

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