FodderPro Feed System Questions

Have questions about the FodderPro Feed System? Explore the most popular frequently asked questions on the specifics of the FodderPro Feed System. The information provided in this section will give you an overview of how our feed system works.

1) Are the crops produced in these systems safe for human consumption?

Our channels are made with a food-grade quality PVC coating and are certified by the National Sanitation Foundation. Fodder or microgreens produced in a FodderPro Feed System are safe for human consumption.

2) How is the product shipped?

The system ships palletized. You will need to be present when the product is delivered.

3) Is assembly required?

Yes, assembly is required. We provide detailed assembly instructions with great pictures. You can even review the instructions prior to your purchase by downloading the PDF from the appropriate system page. If you have any questions, we're here to help. Contact us and we'll walk you through it.

4) What is the output from the fodder system?

It depends on the stock model you select. Our seven current options range from 60 lbs. to 375 lbs. of fodder daily. If more fodder is required, these systems are easily connected to achieve higher yields. We can also custom design a setup for your specific application.

5) What is the maximum size system you can build?

Any size. We are limited only by space and the availability of water.

6) What are the channels made of? I am trying to avoid BPA.

Our channels are made out of recycled window vinyl. They are fully UV protected and have an NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) approved coating. They are rated for human consumption and will not emit gasses or any noxious chemicals. These channels are manufactured in the United States and carry a 20-year warranty.

7) How do you produce 125 lbs. of fodder per day in a Standard Mini System?

The Standard Mini System has four tiers with four channels each. To produce 125 lbs. of fodder, you will need to seed and harvest two 12' long channels per day.

8) Is the water in the trays recycled?

No, the FodderPro Feed System does not recycle water. Each system uses a maximum of 4 gallons of water per 12' long channel per day. To put it in perspective, a ten-minute shower uses about 50 to 60 gallons of water, so these systems are quite efficient. The water that is drained from the system is commonly used to water animals as it has a great nutrient value. Download fodder water report.

9) Will the FodderPro Feed System work in Arizona with our high temperatures?

With the proper environmental controls, the FodderPro Feed System will work almost anywhere. Based on the Extreme Maximum and Minimum Temperature Maps from the USDA, it seems like more often than not, temperatures are higher than average these days. If you are thinking about purchasing a FodderPro Feed System and you are concerned about the temperatures in your area, contact us. We will be happy to assist you and make recommendations based on your climate.

10) How important is sanitation?

Sanitation is very important. Because we are producing feed for animals, mold or mycotoxins should not be allowed to grow on the fodder. Sanitization of the seed and system between each harvest will help ensure that you are producing healthy forage.

11) How do you mix up the solution to clean the trays after harvesting?

The channels must be sanitized between harvests with a mild sanitization solution. We have found that a 10 to 1 water to bleach solution is the most effective sanitizer. Once the system is sanitized, it should be rinsed with clean water and reseeded.

12) Do you remove the channels to wash them or can they be washed in place?

The channels can either be removed or washed in place. If you clean them in place, just be mindful that you are not dropping or spilling anything onto the channels below that contain growing fodder.

13) How do you harvest the top shelves of the full system?

The best way to harvest the top shelves is with a ladder or rolling stairs.

14) Are the sprouts watered from the top or the bottom?

The FodderPro Feed System utilizes NFT (nutrient film technique) hydroponics. The water comes in from a 3/4" PVC manifold above each channel via a 1/4" tube with micro valve. It then spreads through the root mat as it flows down the slightly concave channels. This is the most efficient method of watering. In overhead misting, you are blanketing the sprouts and hoping that the water reaches the root mats. In NFT, you provide the water directly to the root mat. The only wastewater is water that was not absorbed by the roots.

15) How much water pressure do you need in the FodderPro Feed System?

The FodderPro Feed System can be connected to any live water line and you are ready to grow! For best results, we recommend no more than 22 PSI.

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