Full-Size Compact System

The Full-Size Compact FodderPro 2.0 Feed System is comprised of 28 HydroCycle 9" Pro NFT Series Hydroponic Channels that are each 12' long. With seven tiers of four channels and 10" between each tier, this system can to produce up to 250 lbs. of fresh fodder daily. Overall frame dimensions of the Full-Size Compact System are 55.5" wide by 91" high by 144" long.

FodderPro 2.0 Feed Systems

Everything you need to start growing healthy, hydroponic livestock feed today comes with our FodderPro 2.0 Feed Systems. Manufactured in the United States, these systems are constructed from the highest quality materials and are built to last. Farm and business owners will be able to reduce their feed costs by over 50%, while still providing the nutritious ration needed to optimize the health and performance of their animals.

All FodderPro 2.0 Feed Systems include:

Channels are 12' long and are manufactured in the United States. These channels are rated by the National Sanitation Foundation for human consumption and carry a 20-year warranty.
The 1.5" square tubing utilized for the frame is a structural-grade American-made steel. This tubing is also used in the construction of our long-lasting fabric structures.
All interior plumbing components are included with the system. Ball valves are supplied for full isolation, while each channel also has its own valve for more individualized production control.
This seed spreader is manufactured from our indestructible 1/8" PolyMax® material. It is non-porous so it will not harbor any moisture or bacteria and has been designed to make spreading seeds in the HydroCycle 9" Pro NFT Series channels effortless. The seed spreader fits perfectly into the channels and spreads the seed at a consistent depth.
Buckets and bags are included with each system for seed preparation. These assist during the sanitizing and soaking steps to ensure the seeds are ready to grow as soon as they are distributed in the system. The Full-Size Compact System includes four 5-gallon Easy Soak Buckets with poly-net bags.

Full-Size Compact System Production Values
Estimated Feeding Capacities
Body WeightNumber of Head
1,400 lbs.7 to 8
800 lbs.14 to 15
500 lbs.24 to 25
200 lbs.60 to 61
Poultry2,475 to 2,500

Grow it Anywhere

FarmTek can outfit any space with everything you need to make the environment suitable for hydroponically growing fodder. From a barn or outbuilding to a garage or basement, no matter where you choose to grow, we can provide the environmental controls necessary for mold-free fodder growth.

  • Grow fodder in a fabric structure
    Fabric Structure
  • Grow fodder in a greenhouse
  • Grow fodder in a basement
  • Grow fodder in a garage

Let us help you choose the right system for your needs!