Narrow Way Ranch

Fodder makes an excellent feed for livestock and horses.

  • Challenge - Rising livestock feed costs
  • Solution - Full-Size Compact FodderPro 2.0 Feed System
  • Application - Feeding livestock on all-organic farm
  • Location - Yoder, CO

Narrow Way Ranch sits on the beautiful prairie of Yoder, CO and is home to the Delbridge Family. Jeff Delbridge explains, "We are a small, family-run farm. We pride ourselves on providing top-quality products to our customers." The products Delbridge is referring to are all organic. The family raises free-range chickens, Eastern Wild Turkey, Heritage Bourbon Red Turkey and grass-fed Angus beef cattle. In addition, they offer customers organic eggs and all-natural, corn and soy-free Heritage Pork. The Delbridges also have mules, horses, donkeys and a family milk cow.

With so many animals on one farm and cared for by one family, the feed bill can quickly grow out of control. This was the case at Narrow Way Ranch, where "the feed bill was $1,300 a month for the pigs alone." Delbridge continues, "For our large animals, we were feeding grass hay, which cost $16.00 for a small bale. The pigs' bagged feed was $24.00 at the local feed store and we were going through two bags a day."

Something needed to change, so Delbridge began researching more sustainable feed options. He saw FarmTek's FodderPro 2.0 Feed System in a magazine one day, and the decision was made. He says, "After a year of research and hundreds of conversations all across the US, we compared numbers for the best value. It was a no-brainer to choose the FodderPro 2.0 Feed System."

The family is very pleased with their new system. Delbridge explains, "I don't know how we ever made it without this system. I love the simplicity of it. It is so simple, in fact, that when my older son is away at school, our ten-year-old son is able to tend to the system on his own. It is a quality system, not just a bunch of cheap parts thrown together. Everything FarmTek told us about the system turned out to be fact."

Costs are down for feed, but it is the other benefits that are really impressing Delbridge. "My old mule and horse both had arthritis. We couldn't work them for more than 30 minutes a day. Now, we hardly notice any problems and can work them for hours with no negative effects. Their coats are very shiny, as well." Delbridge continues, "They all come running during feeding time!"

The animals aren't the only ones who can't get enough of the fodder. Delbridge shares, " I even catch my kids in the fodder room eating the barley fodder!" He continues, "We are saving thousands every month. I don't know how we did it before the fodder system." When asked what advice he would give other customers, Delbridge answered, "Do your own research and don't wait a year—just buy the system. You won't be sorry."

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